Friday, 5 October 2012

Getting to grips with chandeliers

Not many people get to grips with the fact that the quality of illumination can change the mood and ambiance of a room. During the dark hours, some creative modern lighting solutions can add much more to a room’s atmosphere than interior decorations. And one of the most overlooked solutions is the chandelier.

Even though most people look at bubble chandeliers as some old fashioned relic left over from their grandparents, the modern lighting scene has changed all of this. If you want to look into giving some personality to your house, it offers a very large assortment of styles, which can fit any home. Even the “oh so modern” simplistic home decoration can be built around certain versions of the ubiquitous chandelier, such as the bubble chandelier.

One must not think of chandeliers as a throwback to the medieval candle chandeliers. In truth, few modern homes would be served by such a modern lighting fixture. Yet, modern lighting fixtures can just as easily compared to a fine painting that’s hanging on your dining room wall, just as well as an antiquated wrought iron chandelier. Not confined any more to the humongous chandeliers that lit up ballrooms in past times, the modern home can benefit from certain variations, such as mini-chandeliers or bubble chandeliers spread throughout the room or any combination your mind can envision.

It all depends on the interior decoration theme you’ve chosen. Some people still prefer the age-old classics, such as the southern theme or the almost-Gothic decoration theme. If you’re in the traditional way of decorating your home, then the classics are the way to go. Any adequately-sized wrought iron chandelier will only add to a southern theme, mesmerizing the eyes and the mind of any guest walking inside your home.

Because the first wave of chandeliers used candles, outdoor chandeliers were not to be seen until more modern times, when the gas lighting fixtures and electrical illumination changed all of this. These outdoor chandeliers add their own special glow to any porch or patio. And eco-friendly folks can get a huge kick out of using solar-powered porch bubble chandeliers, another innovation of recent times.

Since the ancient Egyptians to the present day, chandeliers have always been a welcome addition to any home. Not confined any more to the rich, they are still viewed as a symbol of luxury, as they light their way into foyers, bedrooms, dinning rooms, and the aforementioned outdoors. One can even find a simple mini-bubble chandelier hanging from a bathroom ceiling these days.

Still, one must take into account the fact that not any type of chandelier is suited to any room. For example, a dining room will always benefit from a crystal chandelier, but less so from a wrought iron one (if the house is not themed as such). In the living room, a candle or candle-imitation chandelier is still the most elegant solution, while a bedroom will most likely benefit from a smaller, mini-chandelier, to set the mood right. If one is into posh backyard parties, mini-chandeliers spread out throughout the garden might be just the ticket. After all, that’s what chandeliers are about: giving your home a glamorous look!

Bocci Lighting: A perfect lighting idea

As an old saying goes, "Our palace is within our own homes." It is quite contemporary in perspective, but think about it. We feel most comfortable at home, most at ease at home. I personally believe that the saying still applies today, don't you think? I believe that we must try to make our homes make us feel like a king and/or queen in our palace.

I know, I know. It sounds a bit medieval, but I say that we can always make our homes look grand and very hospitable looking. Now, most home decorators do a lot of things when it comes to our homes. It includes the colors of the wall painting, the placement of the fixtures, the design of the furniture, the curtains, the bocci lighting, the decorations, and other stuff. With that said, most decorators highly place value in the home lighting aspect.

They always say that a properly lighted house provides a different ambiance. I agree with them. And speaking of lighting, this brings us to the topic of this article, Bocci Lighting. It is a modern lighting design. This, I believe, is a recent idea that uniquely replaces the chandelier. If chandeliers are made for castles in medieval times, then Bocci is the chandeliers of today.

The light bulbs in this design are commonly ensconced in a crystal sphere. This, I believe, enhances the modern lighting given by the bulb and adds a unique distortion of the cast glow. In addition, this provides a different kind of aura-like look that seems to radiate within its area. Cool, huh? The style comes in different types. There are the pendant types hanging from your ceiling. They look like awesome glowing balls of flares. Grouping up this type of bocci lights provides you with powerful lighting. This is the modern day chandelier that I was talking about. Another plus is when you view it from afar. You should try it. It really rocks, if you ask me.

Another type is the sconce type. This one is commonly placed on walls. It’s like a glowing bubble.

Personally, I’m inclined to place this on the wall at the top of my bed. One of this would be an amazing nightlife. Two of these half spheres can provide you with enough lighting for your night reading in your bed. Another idea that came into my head is this. I think this sconce type would provide great visibility for the small spaces at home as home lighting. For example, it would be great to line these up in our garage or along the walls of our staircases that leads to our basements.

One more tip that is intriguing for me is their unique canopy. This is like the pendant type, only with the distortion capability of the canopy. If your curiosity is piqued when I said “distortion of light”, then you absolutely have to check this one out. I believe the canopy is designed with a glass matrix which literally distorts the light coming from the bulb. In addition, the canopy provides a shade that adds to the effects of the distortion. I absolutely suggest that you check this one out and prepare yourself to be amazed.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Bring beauty back to brass

There are a lot of things you can add to your home and there are a lot of different thing you can do to your home to make it yours. Obviously, you are going to want to have some form of light in your homes so that you can see and you do not have to go basic with this, you can get all kinds of lamps, light holders, and other kinds of hanging home lighting. The kinds of lighting I’m going to talk about today are chandeliers, kinds of chandeliers you should look for if you are going to go shopping for lights, and the kinds of chandeliers that go the best with homes most of the time. If you are going for a very subtle look in your home, you would love brass chandeliers. Brass chandeliers are very elegant and very antique looking. If you are looking at brass chandeliers, you will notice that they look like you should put candles in them and not light bulbs and that is interesting because in most Victorian homes, you can actually put candles in your brass chandeliers and you can make them as rustic or as modern as you like. Not everyone likes brass that much or maybe they just don’t like the look of it but for some people, they think that brass is just not classy so they will obviously not buy it. If that is the case and you are not into the look or feel of brass, then this is not for you but if you are someone who enjoys brass so much and you are someone who would like to have brass chandeliers, you should go out and look for one that would best suit your taste of lighting and see if it is just what your home needs to give it that extra push.

As I said before, you can do what you want with brass chandeliers and home lighting and you can do just about anything with it. If you would like to, you could also add candles to the chandelier and you could make it look as rustic or as modern as you would like, it is all up to your personal taste and what you would call cool or not. Other great kinds of home lighting include modern day lights and sphere chandeliers. If you are familiar with lighting and things of that sort, you will know exactly what to do when you are buying home lighting and you will know what to do when you are looking to install because most of the home d├ęcor stores will give you the option of having their trained professionals come over to your home and install your new chandeliers or whatever it is you bought. So if you are looking for some kind of touch in your home and you need to have a special push to make your home yours, then I think you need to find brass chandeliers and you need to get your house in it’s formal glory and you should get it to the best of your likings and make sure you are happy with the results because if there is anything that can touch up a home, it is bras chandeliers.

When beautiful home lighting is a priority!

Style and design are important no matter who you are.  Having a beautiful home a place where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere is a good way to have a relaxing and wonderful life. Home Lighting is really just as important as the furniture or artwork that you have in the home.  From classic to modern lighting you can change the very feeling of an entire room by just really shifting the way the light reflects off everything in a room. Every single room of a home can be transformed into a wonderland of softness and pleasure by picking the right kind of home lighting.  New to the lighting world is something called Bocci Lighting, which incorporates beautiful spheres of glass into long tendrils of light which actually takes its name from the game played in Europe.  Beautiful hand blown glass spheres which hang almost effortlessly against an almost clear background they look exactly like they are floating in midair. The Bocci lighting has really become popular all over the world and it’s a fantastic way to bring modern lighting to any room of the house. 

These pieces aren’t just reserved for a dining room or a very formal living room, no they can be hung anywhere, the bedroom and even the bathroom!

Usually this type of home lighting really does have a kind of specific meaning and people don’t realize that they can be hung all over the home.  It will deliver beautiful echoes of light which will send light and shadows all over the place.  No matter what your taste and style is these lights will surely add a bit of elegance and style to any area that you might want to put them in.  There are thousands of different styles of this type of lighting and you can find whatever one that makes you happy.  They come in thousands of different color shades as well which means that if you have a specific color pallet that you are working with the lighting that you put into the room can complement that as well.  Lighting in this way is really something that designers have used over the years to accentuate rooms but it’s not something that the normal person would think about when they are creating a space for relaxation or for entertaining.  Now, the secret is out from all the major designers and that’s to use this type of lighting that will create the most beautiful space.  It will allow very sharp corners or very large furniture to become more muted, to have a more open and free feeling with the way that Bocci lighting illuminates from the center outward.  The way that it hangs really is no secret to designers and is now available to anyone who wants to transform a space into something wonder and beautiful.  Transform a room from bland and boring into something that everyone who walks into it will want to stay.  This type of lighting will surely be a conversation piece for years to come.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Shedding Light on Modernization

The miracle of light has been the source of countless depictions in history such as Greek Mythology, the ancient Pyramids of Egypt, and the Aztecs.  All have held this powerful element to be of great value; probably as a precursor to what would eventually impact the world on a grand scale.  As exaggerated as this may seem to be; it is not entirely implausible.  In fact, our societal structures have; long since, been manipulating the properties of light to directly benefit humanity.  Time; for instance, was first quantifiable through the use of a sundial, where light rays from the sun and even moonlight could determine the precise hours of the day.  Among others is the method of altering the direction of light waves to create lasers, (light amplificated by stimulated emission of radiation).  These; in turn, are integral properties of products such as records, compact discs, and other technological and medical innovations.  The influence of light on the world has made voluminous things possible; and as we approach another page in modernization, it is important to bear in mind its versatility and permanence.

Among advances made in light, is the emergence of an assortment of fixtures in modern lighting.  Modern lighting takes many shapes and forms.  An enduring favorite would have to be the modern chandelier.  Although this may be a contradiction in terms; as the chandelier has been in existence for many decades, the new contemporary designs have not sacrificed the traditional look of luxury and elegance.  A modern chandelier is; incidentally, a custom chandelier as it has undergone various modifications.  An example of a custom chandelier is the sphere chandelier; characterized by spherical-shaped lamps at the end of each outstretched arm.  There are certain variations of custom chandeliers in the market, today.  Some versions differ in size, number of extended fixtures or lamps, shape, and color.  Custom chandeliers can easily be assimilated into any motif; of course, given the proper arrangement and special availability.  For the most part, light fixtures will enhance the ambiance of a home by highlighting areas that are drab or dark.  It can set the mood for fine dining or for an elaborate party; having the capacity to augment or offset frequencies of light.  This is an advantage to the interior design of the home; as well as, the surrounding landscape that envelopes the entire property.  By placing lighting features in designated spots along the perimeter of the house; such as in between rocks and plants; even fences, doorways, and fountains, there could be a dramatic transformation.  The proper methods of lighting at specific points inside and outside the home will invariably elevate the overall environment.  It is only a matter of creative imagination and the process of trial and error.  There is no limit to how one can create the desired atmosphere of his or her ideal living space.  You are; in essence; not merely upgrading your where you live; but more importantly, how you choose to live.      

Looking Into the Light

There has been substantial progress since the early civilization of man.  Ingenuity had already existed in connecting ideas and manipulating space, time, and matter.  Primitive tools were being invented despite the limited access and availability of natural resources.  Knowledge to grasp concepts and ideals were being weighted and tested.  For the most part, our societal structures today still operate in similar; yet, distinct ways.  The difference lies in countless new discoveries and incessant stages of product development.  Incredibly; however, there are still questions left unanswered and vast worlds that have yet to be explored.   In retrospect, the future is still slowly unfolding and there is still much to learn and understand. 

Our basic instinct is to cling to basic necessities and how to maximize their efficiency.  In doing so, we ventured into the dimensions of light; an essential element of life that we so often take for granted as part of our regular day.  What many have come to realize is that there are properties within the makeup of light that can be generated, isolated, and discharged.  The methodologies seem endless and it has sparked awe-inspiring innovations.  Light, itself, was never anything new in the first place; it has always been a fixed component in households all over the world.  But since its humble beginnings, it has undergone major changes.  The entry of light into modernization has given rise to the importance of function, practicality; and to some extent, economics.  Though this was the priority of most markets, some enthusiasts have turned lighting methods into a fashion sense.  Thus, the evolution of modern lighting began. 

Inducted into the class of modern lighting, are crystal chandeliers.  This type of light fixture has been revived to reflect the ideas and sentiments of the past.  Although crystal chandeliers have not strayed far from their original forms, it is imbued in contemporary artistry and design.  Unlike other chandeliers, a crystal chandelier fully retains its aura of luxury and elegance.  While it is true that a crystal chandelier is better suited on the living room ceiling, it will generate the same effect in other places, such as above the dining room table, in hallways, and in bedrooms.  Virtually anywhere you place a chandelier; among other lighting fixtures, can undoubtedly enhance the overall atmosphere of a room.  Other determining factors include size, quantity, and arrangement.  It would all really have to depend on preference; and, there are so many designs to choose from.

The style that you integrate into your home should always be consistent; or at least coordinated, with the general motif of the house.  Accentuating a particular section of a home to highlight positive attributes or set a mood can also be applicable in the surrounding areas of your house.  The outreaching landscape that envelopes your property can be enhanced with simple additions of light features at strategic points, such as in between rocks and plants.  Essentially, you are not merely elevating the quality of your home; but the quality of living.     

Monday, 11 June 2012

Modern Lighting: Bocci lighting

Modern lighting could have several of kind of lightings. They are usually photo voltaic or Light Emitting Diode. Modern lighting is not only for the ceiling and the rooms, it can also be for the bathroom, floor lamps, table lamps, wall sconces, chandeliers, and many other kind of indoor lighting. An individual can find just about anything that they want in modern lighting or home lighting.

An example of modern lighting is Bocci. Bocci lighting is usually created by blowing the glass matrix and letting it cool to make the spherical shape that is the common design of Bocci lighting. Bocci lighting has a great design that first originated from Vancouver. The trademark of Bocci lighting is the minimalist design fit for any theme and doesn’t over power bright colors and designs. Bocci lighting style is a great manifestation of nature and modern technology. Bocci lighting is usually ball like light that hangs lake a pendulum from the ceiling. It may have gotten its name from bocce balls or the balls used for the ball game called bocce.  Bocci lighting can be custom made to meet the buyers wants. Bocci is often described by other people as a creative people's coop. We have many Bocci lighting options to choose from that was designed to meet customer satisfaction that is really functional but at the same time have a very pristine and sophisticated design. A Bocci lighting is a great and high quality product.  A Bocci lighting is way better than the traditional and classic lightings because it is timeless. With the vast array of different styles, forms and kind of bocci lighting, you will definitely find the perfect one that fits your room. The Bocci lighting comes in different types of colors. It fits in any type of house whether it is multicolored, vintage or modern. You can choose Bocci lamps or chandeliers because it is a wide collection of things. Bocci lighting is great because every detail was made carefully. Most of the bocci lighting uses balls to create contemporary designs. Base on Feng Shui, it represents never-ending wealth, calmness and gives serenity to a certain room. This is definitely why it is great to use bocci lighting for home lighting. Calmness, peace and serenity should definitely be depicted inside the house to make the aura be better. Using these balls-like lights will definitely pump up your mood. This is definitely a great buy for any house.

Home lighting is so much more than meets the eye. It is also about being practical and getting more than what you paid for. Bocci lighting conserves more energy than other types of chandeliers. Modern lighting has so many forms and styles but Bocci lighting is one of the greatest and is better than most of other types of lightings. Bocci lighting has more appeal to people. Bocci lighting is a great example of an object with style that meets practical function. The price you pay for these Bocci lightings are definitely worth it!