Friday, 5 October 2012

Bocci Lighting: A perfect lighting idea

As an old saying goes, "Our palace is within our own homes." It is quite contemporary in perspective, but think about it. We feel most comfortable at home, most at ease at home. I personally believe that the saying still applies today, don't you think? I believe that we must try to make our homes make us feel like a king and/or queen in our palace.

I know, I know. It sounds a bit medieval, but I say that we can always make our homes look grand and very hospitable looking. Now, most home decorators do a lot of things when it comes to our homes. It includes the colors of the wall painting, the placement of the fixtures, the design of the furniture, the curtains, the bocci lighting, the decorations, and other stuff. With that said, most decorators highly place value in the home lighting aspect.

They always say that a properly lighted house provides a different ambiance. I agree with them. And speaking of lighting, this brings us to the topic of this article, Bocci Lighting. It is a modern lighting design. This, I believe, is a recent idea that uniquely replaces the chandelier. If chandeliers are made for castles in medieval times, then Bocci is the chandeliers of today.

The light bulbs in this design are commonly ensconced in a crystal sphere. This, I believe, enhances the modern lighting given by the bulb and adds a unique distortion of the cast glow. In addition, this provides a different kind of aura-like look that seems to radiate within its area. Cool, huh? The style comes in different types. There are the pendant types hanging from your ceiling. They look like awesome glowing balls of flares. Grouping up this type of bocci lights provides you with powerful lighting. This is the modern day chandelier that I was talking about. Another plus is when you view it from afar. You should try it. It really rocks, if you ask me.

Another type is the sconce type. This one is commonly placed on walls. It’s like a glowing bubble.

Personally, I’m inclined to place this on the wall at the top of my bed. One of this would be an amazing nightlife. Two of these half spheres can provide you with enough lighting for your night reading in your bed. Another idea that came into my head is this. I think this sconce type would provide great visibility for the small spaces at home as home lighting. For example, it would be great to line these up in our garage or along the walls of our staircases that leads to our basements.

One more tip that is intriguing for me is their unique canopy. This is like the pendant type, only with the distortion capability of the canopy. If your curiosity is piqued when I said “distortion of light”, then you absolutely have to check this one out. I believe the canopy is designed with a glass matrix which literally distorts the light coming from the bulb. In addition, the canopy provides a shade that adds to the effects of the distortion. I absolutely suggest that you check this one out and prepare yourself to be amazed.

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