Friday, 5 October 2012

Getting to grips with chandeliers

Not many people get to grips with the fact that the quality of illumination can change the mood and ambiance of a room. During the dark hours, some creative modern lighting solutions can add much more to a room’s atmosphere than interior decorations. And one of the most overlooked solutions is the chandelier.

Even though most people look at bubble chandeliers as some old fashioned relic left over from their grandparents, the modern lighting scene has changed all of this. If you want to look into giving some personality to your house, it offers a very large assortment of styles, which can fit any home. Even the “oh so modern” simplistic home decoration can be built around certain versions of the ubiquitous chandelier, such as the bubble chandelier.

One must not think of chandeliers as a throwback to the medieval candle chandeliers. In truth, few modern homes would be served by such a modern lighting fixture. Yet, modern lighting fixtures can just as easily compared to a fine painting that’s hanging on your dining room wall, just as well as an antiquated wrought iron chandelier. Not confined any more to the humongous chandeliers that lit up ballrooms in past times, the modern home can benefit from certain variations, such as mini-chandeliers or bubble chandeliers spread throughout the room or any combination your mind can envision.

It all depends on the interior decoration theme you’ve chosen. Some people still prefer the age-old classics, such as the southern theme or the almost-Gothic decoration theme. If you’re in the traditional way of decorating your home, then the classics are the way to go. Any adequately-sized wrought iron chandelier will only add to a southern theme, mesmerizing the eyes and the mind of any guest walking inside your home.

Because the first wave of chandeliers used candles, outdoor chandeliers were not to be seen until more modern times, when the gas lighting fixtures and electrical illumination changed all of this. These outdoor chandeliers add their own special glow to any porch or patio. And eco-friendly folks can get a huge kick out of using solar-powered porch bubble chandeliers, another innovation of recent times.

Since the ancient Egyptians to the present day, chandeliers have always been a welcome addition to any home. Not confined any more to the rich, they are still viewed as a symbol of luxury, as they light their way into foyers, bedrooms, dinning rooms, and the aforementioned outdoors. One can even find a simple mini-bubble chandelier hanging from a bathroom ceiling these days.

Still, one must take into account the fact that not any type of chandelier is suited to any room. For example, a dining room will always benefit from a crystal chandelier, but less so from a wrought iron one (if the house is not themed as such). In the living room, a candle or candle-imitation chandelier is still the most elegant solution, while a bedroom will most likely benefit from a smaller, mini-chandelier, to set the mood right. If one is into posh backyard parties, mini-chandeliers spread out throughout the garden might be just the ticket. After all, that’s what chandeliers are about: giving your home a glamorous look!

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