Thursday, 26 July 2012

Shedding Light on Modernization

The miracle of light has been the source of countless depictions in history such as Greek Mythology, the ancient Pyramids of Egypt, and the Aztecs.  All have held this powerful element to be of great value; probably as a precursor to what would eventually impact the world on a grand scale.  As exaggerated as this may seem to be; it is not entirely implausible.  In fact, our societal structures have; long since, been manipulating the properties of light to directly benefit humanity.  Time; for instance, was first quantifiable through the use of a sundial, where light rays from the sun and even moonlight could determine the precise hours of the day.  Among others is the method of altering the direction of light waves to create lasers, (light amplificated by stimulated emission of radiation).  These; in turn, are integral properties of products such as records, compact discs, and other technological and medical innovations.  The influence of light on the world has made voluminous things possible; and as we approach another page in modernization, it is important to bear in mind its versatility and permanence.

Among advances made in light, is the emergence of an assortment of fixtures in modern lighting.  Modern lighting takes many shapes and forms.  An enduring favorite would have to be the modern chandelier.  Although this may be a contradiction in terms; as the chandelier has been in existence for many decades, the new contemporary designs have not sacrificed the traditional look of luxury and elegance.  A modern chandelier is; incidentally, a custom chandelier as it has undergone various modifications.  An example of a custom chandelier is the sphere chandelier; characterized by spherical-shaped lamps at the end of each outstretched arm.  There are certain variations of custom chandeliers in the market, today.  Some versions differ in size, number of extended fixtures or lamps, shape, and color.  Custom chandeliers can easily be assimilated into any motif; of course, given the proper arrangement and special availability.  For the most part, light fixtures will enhance the ambiance of a home by highlighting areas that are drab or dark.  It can set the mood for fine dining or for an elaborate party; having the capacity to augment or offset frequencies of light.  This is an advantage to the interior design of the home; as well as, the surrounding landscape that envelopes the entire property.  By placing lighting features in designated spots along the perimeter of the house; such as in between rocks and plants; even fences, doorways, and fountains, there could be a dramatic transformation.  The proper methods of lighting at specific points inside and outside the home will invariably elevate the overall environment.  It is only a matter of creative imagination and the process of trial and error.  There is no limit to how one can create the desired atmosphere of his or her ideal living space.  You are; in essence; not merely upgrading your where you live; but more importantly, how you choose to live.      

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