Monday, 11 June 2012

Modern Lighting: Bubble Chandeliers

Bubble chandeliers consist of spherical glasses that look somehow like bubbles. A Bubble Chandelier has lots of individual spherical glass. Some bubble chandeliers have bulb on each bubble, others only have few bulbs but has many bubbles that adds a great effect to the light. The bubbles may vary in size. It is commonly used to provide lighting in a room. Modern lighting can be given by the chandeliers. Modern lighting can enhance the look of a room. Even when you are just changing the lighting, you can see the difference of different lighting styles. Modern lightings are not only very functional but also gives a classy style especially when a room has the three basic modern lightings namely the mood changing light, the functional light and the main light of a room. Modern lighting makes a room look more pleasant and makes the ambiance of the room light. According to Feng Shui beliefs, these bubble chandeliers represent never ending wealth because of its circular shape. Circles and Spheres also depict harmony and unity to a certain space base on Feng Shui.

The Perks of Buying Bubble Chandeliers

1.    A transparent bubble chandelier is a versatile piece of artwork. A bubble chandelier can easily “fit in” in any room of any theme. The basic bubble chandeliers are transparent in color usually. This makes it fit for any theme. It is so neutral that it can be with cold colors, hot colors, neutral colors or even multi-colored rooms.

2.    Bubble chandeliers are great sophisticated statement pieces. Bubble chandeliers are sophisticated mainly because of the pristine look these chandeliers have. A bubble chandelier is a very good attention grabber that it can make an instant face lift for a certain room.

3.    Bubble chandeliers can give a room a modern touch. It has a feel that is different from traditional chandeliers. These bubble chandeliers give a hip and more modern look to a room.

4.    A bubble chandelier is a great reminder of childhood memories. All of us can remember the bliss in our hearts every time we chase and try to poke a bubble. Seeing floating bubble is a very heartwarming experience during the childhood times. If we see bubble chandeliers, we can still remember the special bliss we get back in the days when we had simple joys.

5.    A bubble chandelier is lighter than the common types of chandelier. It is definitely easier to handle a bubble chandelier mainly because it is lighter. Attaching the bubble chandelier to the ceiling is easier compared to classic heavyweight chandeliers.

6.    The bubble chandeliers give a room a very calming effect. Rooms with a bubble chandelier also reflect serenity and prosperity.

7.    Chandeliers depict the personality of the owner. Bubble Chandeliers reflect the bubbly personality of a home-owner.

8.    Bubble chandeliers now have different styles. Bubble chandeliers now have chandeliers with colored bubbles. The colored bubbles of a chandelier will make it more appropriate to a room.

Bubble chandeliers are not only very artistic. These are also great for any room!

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